Fujitsu Imaging Channel Program


Gaining Certification in our Imaging Channel Program – and becoming either a Certified Imaging Professional or Specialist Imaging Partner – is all about benefiting you and your business.

Becoming a Specialist Imaging Partner – the advanced level of our Imaging Channel Program – enables you to take advantage of a wider range of exclusive benefits, focused more specifically on your business and areas of specialism.

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How do I become a Certified Imaging Professional?

  • Choose a specialist area
  • Undertake a variety of
    e-learning modules in your own time via our online platform and complete a final exam
  • Or, if you are very experienced and feel that you are already an expert in your chosen area, jump straight to the final exam

Why certify?

  • Our portfolio becomes your extensive range of business-building products
  • Be seen as a trusted expert in your field and stand out from your competitors
  • Gain access to extensive support options to help you capture a larger share of your customers' total document management and imaging spend


How do I become a Specialist Imaging Partner?

To become a Specialist Imaging Partner, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Employ two or more Fujitsu Certified Imaging Professionals who are certified in the same specialist area
  • Meet an Annual Revenue Commitment

Why certify?

  • Differentiate your business from the competition and gain recognition as a leading partner
  • Empower your team to identify more opportunities and unlock new markets
  • Enhance the value of your team by training them to expert level

Choice of specialist areas


Help your customers identify opportunities that the ScanSnap family offers for quick, personal productivity gains.


Specialise in showing how secure network scanning can save your customers time and money, even in multi-user environments.

Workgroup & Departmental

Become your customers’ trusted advisor in their document capture journey with the world’s bestselling scanner range.


Become the expert in guiding your customers’ choices and protecting their investments in high-volume capture solutions.

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